Set in the Slayers world after the destruction of Hellmaster Phibrizzo.(After Slayers:Next)

The Mazoku Barrier has fallen, and the kingdoms have sent delegations across the Desert of Destruction.

The renowned sorceress, Lina Inverse and companions have also left the area to explore the now accessible lands.

I intend for this campaign to be more episodic, meaning that the sessions may not pick back up exactly where the previous one left off unless the situation demands it(If the session ends on a cliffhanger or similar situation like the multi-part episodes of an anime) This will allow the game to still run if a player has to miss every now and then.

Allowances will be made if you let me know ahead of time and we can come up with a reason your character was somewhere else otherwise you will either be lost or knocked out, whichever fits the situation best. If you want I can try to put together a solo quest to take place before the next game session to allow the chance to make up missed XP.

Remember, the Slayers world is a high fantasy, comedy setting, so feel free to cut loose a little and have fun!

Character Creation

Slayers: Ancient Stirrings

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