Arare is an albino racoon beast man.


Arare is an unlucky soul. His earliest memory was when his bandit gang was attacked by a monster. He only recalls being struck hard in the head and then waking up covered in the blood of the monster as all the gang members stood around looking awestruck. As a child his parents tried to dismiss the belief that due to his albinism that he was a daemon. But after the attack there was no denying it to them. His parents and the gang he new abandoned him as he laid there covered in blood crying for his parents.

Arare spent the next few years tailing the bandit gang he grew up in. He would sneak into camp to steal food and supplies. More often than not he was caught and wound up beaten, left for dead and abandoned as the gang broke camp to try and lose him. He was their curse surviving off their scraps and going long periods without food. Being such a straggler he missed when the gang was attacked and left killed and broken by the kings army. Arare found his parents bodies and collected his “inheritance” (i.e. standard equipment for a bandit).

Arare not knowing anything or anyone decided to headed to head off to what he thought was a sign pointing to town. He traveled for days not knowing the sign was pointing away from a close town. He did later learn how to read. Days into the journey without food or water Arare was ambushed by some bandits. Being a freak albino and without anything of value they beat him to a pulp and left him for dead. After recovering a bit Arare took the opportunity to find a new food source. Arare followed the bandits back to their camp. Setting up outside of their camp and proceeded to take on the role of his accusers. Arare spent the next few weeks silently “haunting” the bandits. Stealing food and anything that looked interesting Arare was actually having a good time for once watching the bandits grow paranoid of what they thought was a giant ghost of a rat.

One cold fall night the bandit leader Leyon Maetla was warming pastries he had acquired from a stickup. Not having ever managed to get a hold of a desert that smelled so good. Sneaking into camp and to Leyon’s tent wasn’t a problem. But as Arare tried to slip in the back of the tent he mistakenly crawled right between Leyon’s legs as he was sitting enjoying his meal. The resulting scuffle ended with Arare on the ground outside in the middle of the camp. Everyone quickly realized it was Arare who had been terrorizing the camp. But Leyonrecognized that Arare was better and sneaking and stealing then the whole bunch of bandits and convinced them not to simply kill the colorless freak. The gang begrudgingly accepted.

Never making much progress with most of the gang Arare eventually learned some basic skills he had been lacking. Daggers, bows and lock picking all came quickly to the nimble fingered raccoon. When Leyon disbanded the gang to return to his family Arare excitedly accepted an invitation to travel with him. Arare didn’t understand Leyon’s vow to the priesthood. He like how there were other type of people besides bandits so he has stuck it out and decided to see how being an “Adventure” turns out.


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