Leyon Maetla

Serious and focused warrior priest with an unknown goal.


Leyon was the eldest of three sons of a prosperous merchant. The family was wealthy due to their trade in sculpture and precious metalworking.

After his mother’s mysterious death, he became withdrawn. Later, in his adolescence, after his father remarried, he became unruly and frequented the taverns and shady corners of Seirune. He grew to be a show-off and a womanizer, and was unceremoniously disinherited from the family. Only his youngest brother Stuart would speak with him, though begrudgingly.

Without his family’s wealth, he resorted to banditry. Ambushing small caravans with his gang, or shaking down lone travelers.

When word came of his home being burned to the ground, he returned to the city, abandoning his gang. Only one insisted on following him.

He learned that nearly his entire family had been killed. Only Stuart survived, due to not being in the main house at the time. Stuart took over the family business despite being more of a crafter with no head for business, and Leyon vowed to turn his life around and sought training as a priest of Ceifeed.

Now he wanders the countryside helping those in need, trying to atone for his troubled past.

Leyon Maetla

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