Chimeric Bounty Hunter looking for his pack.


Wild and free, running through the woods after his prey in total abandon. That’s what it meant to be a part of the pack. Ridley loved his life. He could hunt, he could track, he could stalk with his brothers and sisters. He could capture and turn their bounty into the local constabulary and make enough money to live was he wanted until the next catch came along. Life was great in his largely transient existence. Nomadic as they were, home was wherever the pack rested.

There were six in the pack, his brothers Ronar, Miclea and himself, as well as his sisters Nilla, Mijel and Ora. They weren’t really siblings, just close friends who struck out together when their small beastman settlement grew too crowded. They roamed the Known World for years together and Ridley thought those days would never end… until one day…

Tracking a known criminal outside Atlas City for the Mage’s Guild. Well, not exactly for the Mage’s Guild, for a small portion of it. It seemed this small circle of Sorcerers needed an outside party to deal with one of their own for performing chimera experiments using illegal components: humans. Ridley was against the job, Humans as a whole had never done much for him or his, often causing the pack to have to behave aggressively to be paid their bounties in full or even at all. he could not fathom why some humans assumed, they couldn’t count coins. He knew it was because of stupid human prejudice against his kind and while he couldn’t help that, he didn’t need to go out of his way to help humans either. However Ronar, the Alpha of their pack had decided silver and gold was silver and gold so they began their work. Tracking their quarry to the warehouse district of Atlas city. It was genius really, who would look among the derelict buildings and surplus storage for an illegal chimera workshop? Six gullible beastmen, that’s who. The double-cross was simple and excellently executed. The very sorcerers who had hired them were the prey they sought!

They explained how Chimera research had reached a ceiling with the limitations the guild had placed on the branch of science and sorcery. The six of them had decided they were ready to perform more complex experiments, even see what could be done to increase one’s magical power or lifespan. For this, they would need creatures with the potential for magical power, intelligent creatures. They would need humans.

“But before we go seeking out humans who need won’t be missed, we need powerful allies, associates not easily connected with us. That’s where you come in…” Said the baron Sorus. “We’’l be usign you beastment as a base. It is common knowledge your kind is fierce and swift in battle, we men keep you at bay with our superior intellect and magical ability. Not many beastmen sorcerers out there are there huh?” He and his colleagues laughed. Ridley and his pack were seperated. Ronar went to the baron, the pack leader to their leader. Ridley went with a Mr. Badi. I did not get to see where my other brother and sisters went. I thrashed and howled for freedom but went largely ignored.

“Hush that wailing. who are you calling for? No one will miss you and even fewer will ask questions, only be thankful you’re gone.” Ridley sank to his knees, knowing the sorcerer’s to be true. The experiments were harsh, painful and numerous. Minutes, hours and days bled together as the agony wore on. One day he woke to see a large purple dragon in the tank next to him, he never saw it again after that. One day, everything was different, the world just seemed to lay before him as dead and listless as any prey he had run down. He had begun his new life as a chimera, Mr. Badi’s chimera.

He was to have duties, usually to be performed in the dark of night where he would collect humans for experimentation. Ridley found he could not disobey Mr. Badi, even though his actions seemed to be his own. Badi explained, his body had been fused with the Plasma dragon he had seen while fading in and out of consciousness. Badi was rather obsessed with dragons and now possessing Ridley, he would have the means to capture even stronger dragons. He commanded Ridley to test out his new breath weapon. Ridley did not disobey the foolish human who stood right beside him. The pudgy older man did not get away fast enough as the beam of purple electricity blasted from Ridley’s mouth, frying him instantly and freeing the chimera from his creator’s control. Ridley destroyed the laboratory and escaped but was unaware of where his packmates were. His only clue would be the Baron Sorus, who he hoped would lead him to the others in the circle of mages.

Once news of Badi’s death reached the circle, they all fled, including baron Sorus leaving poor Ridley alone, violated to his core and with a mission to fulfill. He was last seen attempting to gather information on Baron Sorus’ whereabouts on the road to Atlas City.


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