Warran Flynn

Quick-witted and capable loremaster's apprentice.


Warran was the middle child of a baker in a small unnamed town in the several leagues south of Seyruun. For the bright and intellectually aware young man, the life of an assistant baker was terminally boring. Even the baking wouldn’t have been so bad if his father had allowed him to experiment with the dough. Having to make the same bread in the same shapes and the same flavors and the same consistency bored poor Warran to tears. He craved new knowledge and new experiences, experimentation and new outlooks. Also, magic. He had heard of it and even seen it done at a distance but was not sure how he’d go about learning it himself.

All of this changed on the day after his twelfth birthday. An older man stopped by the bakery late in the day to ask for any day old or older bread. This was an odd request as usually everyone for the freshest bread possible. Recently jaded and convinced his life would never change, Warran was again bored and intellectually stifled by minding the store all day. His father had drilled into his head again and again to to ask too many questions of the customers but the request was so odd, the question of what he needed old bread for was out of his mouth and into the air before he could stop it.

The older Loremaster laughed, pleased at the boy’s curiosity.

“If you must know, I am conducting experiments of the use of bread mold as a magical reagent.”

Warran didn’t know what a magical reagent was but he knew he wanted to know. He struck a deal with the old man, he would save any molded, and day-old bread for him if he would teach him how to use magic. It was a winning scenario for all involved. This carried on for several months until Repson, the Loremaster stated he would be moving on to another laboratory as the one he was using was no longer adequate. Warran was devastated but quickly offered his services as an apprentice. Repson had seen the potential in Warran and accepted, as long as it was all right with his parents.

It was most certainly not okay with his family, the loss of a worker in the bakery would impact their business. Warran however, couldn’t care less. He appeared outside the bakery early the next morning, packed and ready to go as if he had his parents approbation. Repson wisely did not ask any questions and Warran gave no answers, following his new master to a new life of discovery.

Three years later, Repson calls for Warran, speaking giddily about a magical breakthrough he has just made. Packing a box and entrusting it to Warran, he instructs the apprentice to take the box to his colleague in Atlas City. As instructed, Warran heads to Atlas City on foot, no idea at all what his master’s gotten him into.

Warran Flynn

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